MIJ Associates LLC

MIJ Associates LLC will work hard to fund even your most challenging clients!


Since 1994, MIJ Associates LLC has been approving equipment lease applications for a variety of clients, through out the United States and in Canada.   Our leasing programs are specifically designed to provide funding for customers that not only have good credit but those that have had prior credit issues, tax liens, judgments, slow pays or just lower than average personal credit scores. 

If your customer has had problems in the past, we may be able to get them approved! 
We are sure that you remember the old saying "Time is Money" Well that is true today more than ever before.  If  you let our team of experts do the work, you will have more  time to spend doing what you were hired to do; SALES.  We work to find ways to fund the deals many other companies won’t.  There may be times that a client is just not bankable.  But, if there is a way to fund the deal, we will find it.  At MIJ, we will work to structure a program for you and your client.  We work hard to help you get that additional business.   In this highly competitive business world, we all  need the extra revenue that an additional sale would generate!!   


If you have a credit application that you would like us to review, please fax it to us at 864-228-2645 or e-mail  the information to our sales team, today.  We want to help you close more business during these tougher economic times.

Please contact Jim at 800-645-8894 to preview a client's situation or to address any general questions you may have. 

If you need a credit application, click the WORD Icon below, to down load.


We thank all of you who have recently submitted client applications.  We appreciate the opportunity to help you close more sales. As always, we thank you in advance for your continued business and wish you good selling in the months ahead !!!  

 What is needed to see if your client qualifies for one of our leasing programs??
The easiest way to see if your client fits one of our leasing programs is to email or fax the following items.
>  We need to have a brief summary of the transaction.
>  A signed credit application identifying the vendor, the client, equipment description and cost. 
>  We will also need page (1) or the summary page, of the client’s last (3) months bank statements.
   MIJ Credit Application     Vendor Profile APP      Equipment Condition Report

Please click an Icon above to get the appropriate document. 
The credit app is for your new leasing clients. 
The vendor profile is for new vendors looking to place leases with MIJ Associates. 
The condition report is for a vendor looking to lease "USED" equipment to a client. 
All forms should be printed and signed then, scanned or faxed to our office.
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