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Dont let your equipment needs Squeeze you cash flow. 
Is every dollar being squeezed?

Is the capital budget getting smaller?

Save your cash and lease your next piece of equipment.

Contact us for information regarding our simple application process.

The leasing process is really quite simple.  Here are a few questions and answers that may help you understand the process.  If you have additional questions, contact us directly at 800-645-8894 or email us via the "contact us" section of this web site.

Q. Why should I Lease? Shouldn’t I borrow money?
A. In many cases, leasing the equipment offers the option to deduct the payments on your income taxes. If you take a loan out, it will draw from your available credit, which could be used to create a much higher profit from other sources.

Q. Who is eligible to lease?
A. All non-profit organizations, companies, associations, and individuals that plan on using the equipment for business purposes can lease equipment.

Q, Is it possible to cancel the lease?
A. The lease cannot be terminated, but we may offer early buyout options. We can provide an upgrade program if you if you wish to trade up to a better piece of equipment.

Q. Is it possible to add more equipment?
A. We often provide a "master" agreement where by you can add additional equipment as your company grows.

Q. How do you process sales tax?
A. Our standard lease payments will include applicable sales or use tax.

Q. How would I typically lease equipment?
A. After filling out our basic credit application, we will promptly review the data.  If you are approved, we prepare lease documents for you to sign. We then send an order to your equipment vendor and the equipment is processed for delivery.

Q. Is insurance required?
A. We require that all leased equipment be insured. We will obtain proof of insurance from your insurance agent. If you do not have insurance for your equipment, our insurance team can offer inexpensive coverage for the leased equipment. 

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